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Embracing the Earth Tones, the Beauty of Nature

Scenes from nature and Vincent Van Gogh’s Almond Blossoms

Can you recall a moment when you stepped into a store or a cafe and felt a connection with the surroundings? Then, what is your favorite type of painting or photo of natural scenery? Is there any similarity between those favorite components? In this scenario, color and texture usually come first in people’s minds.

As we all know, color psychologically affects a person’s mood, cognitive functions, creativity, and productivity. For example, people feel relaxed when surrounded by calming hues such as powder blue or moss green. In contrast, people surrounded by vibrant tones such as red or orange feel energetic and passionate.

Recently, I have noticed that nature-inspired colors, also known as earth tones, have been a big trend in the interior and fashion fields. These colors are often used in interior design to soothe and invigorate people’s minds psychologically. However, each person reacts differently to each color based on the results of multiple psychology studies. Therefore, how to help clients choose color schemes based on their personalities and desires is always tricky.

One of the methods I learned in a class I took from Professor Trudy Christ in the Interior Design Program here on the Eastern campus of SCCC is when decorating with earth tones, get inspiration from a season scenery or favorite natural element.

First, find some paintings or photos of natural scenery that relax you. You might ask why some pictures, not just one? The color palette can be different because you have multiple rooms. For instance, a kitchen might feel like spring, while a bedroom longs for autumn. A powder room reflects your favorite memories, such as a family picnic on Hampton Beach.

Next, proportionally draw your natural color palette inspiration from the elements in the pictures, such as the color of the shell, water, waves, sky, minerals, and landscaping, creating a harmonious earth tone scheme.

Last, follow the analyzed earth tone scheme to select the color of the walls, lighting, furniture, decorative pieces, and fixtures to achieve your design concept. For instance, this color palette uses images of sunset landscapes, wooden textures, and sandy beaches to evoke a sense of serenity and harmony with nature. Moreover, with the palette inspired by nature’s beauty, the bedroom creates a harmonious backdrop for relaxation.

I trust you’ve been inspired and captivated by the beauty of nature’s hues. Incorporating natural color palettes into interior designs is a transformative experience for me. It helps me connect deeply with my clients and enhance my design concept. I hope you embrace these enchanting colors and allow them to infuse your designs with an extraordinary touch.

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