Avoiding Catastrophe at a Festival

Katheryn Antonio Rios, Contributing Writer

After the tragedy that occurred at the Astroworld music festival and as festivals begin happening again, it’s necessary to start a conversation about how to stay safe. It’s important to be conscious of risks and safety protocols ahead of time, including preparation, planning, and basic knowledge on what to do in an unsafe moment-just as we have done repeatedly in regard to fire drills, school shootings, and hurricane prevention.

  • Step One: Prior to purchasing an event ticket analyze the venue, including how it’s laid out, and have a safe location in case of losing your friends. Analyze how many people the venue can hold and analyze the terms and conditions for safety protocol that will be offered at the event.
  • Step Two: Now that analysis on the venue has been done, plan an emergency route for yourself in case something happens. Along with packing emergency Band-Aids, medication, and water, bring anything essential to your well-being or others.
  • Step Three: Before attending any large festival in case of personnel not being available, it’s good to ask these questions to yourselves and the group you’re attending with: Do you know how to practice CPR? The Heimlich? First Aid?
  • Step Four: Be cautious of all the people around you and follow the golden rule: treat others as you want to be treated. Remember you are there to have FUN!
  • Step Five: Remember to dress appropriately for the weather with proper shoes to protect from accidental falls or stomps.
  • Step Six: Be always aware of your surroundings: Enjoy with responsibility and trust your instincts in times of chaos.
  • xStep Seven: Finally, and foremost be intuitive and responsible. Aid others, everyone is there for the same purpose!