Campus Activities Get Involved this Fall


Katherine Ordonez, Contributing Writer

Come join us for Fall activities

As the crisp fall air seeps in and schedules settle, Campus Activities here on the Eastern Campus follow. The previous fall semester of 2020 entailed a remote school year, leaving all campus activities and clubs to be online. However, the leaves are changing, and we are once again on campus. The COVID-19 pandemic opened many opportunities for innovation within the past school year, such as having virtual lectures, game shows, entertainers and clubs. However, in-person experiences and opportunities are hard to compete with. Campus Activities has ensured a way for all students to get inspired, regain enthusiasm, and enhance student learning and self-development. The list provided previews in person Eastern campus activities organized by Denny Teason, director and event planner of SCCC Eastern Campus Activities. 

How to get involved

In-person meetings are not a barrier for students to get involved. There are plenty of virtual and in-person opportunities and activities to discover through SCCC homepage underneath Experience Student Life/Campus Activities. Students can also visit SCCC Campus Activities on Instagram @campusactivitiessccc, or @cab_eastern. You can also email  [email protected] to get more information or to collaborate on ideas virtually.

Collaboration information

Campus Activities are paid through the Student Activity fee in the student enrollment bill, so make sure to take advantage of all the events and activities made available! 

To participate in any in-person session, activity, or class, a student must adhere to the SUNY mandate. The mandate states that students must be vaccinated or granted an exception by the college on the basis of medical or religious beliefs in order to participate in any in-person college events.

Nevertheless, all students, virtual or not, can participate in student life. Although some in-person campus activities have reopened, Suffolk’s virtual platform continues. The advantage of a virtual or hybrid club meeting is having the flexibility and room for collaboration between the three campuses: Ammerman, Eastern, and Grant. For example, the chess club is one previously in-person club that is now thriving through virtual circumstances beccause students on all campuses can participate.

Diversity is important to SCCC. The Campus Activities Office supports this notion by providing a variety of programs that appeal to the diverse student population here at Suffolk. For example, this month is Latinx History month and Denny Teason, along with many staff and students involved with campus activities, have created several programs that celebrate and highlight Latin cultures. According to Teason, near-future programs highlight “exploring and celebrating Native American cultures, and programs bringing awareness to National Coming Out Day and the LGBTQ+ community.” 

“One’s college experience is what they make of it. The more that they put into it, the more that they get out of it. I have seen students at SCCC do some truly amazing things and have some truly amazing adventures. I’ve seen students transform themselves from shy and insecure, to confident and outgoing by pushing themselves while they were with us. The true name of our office is: The Office of Campus Activities and Student Leadership Development. We are not just about having fun, but learning, growing, and challenging ourselves to be better and better day after day. If you are not stepping outside of your comfort zone in college, then you might not be doing it right.”                              -Denny Teason