Are People Using The Café Since Its Reopening, And What Do You Think About It?

Chase Wanat


Below are some of the opinions gathered from students on campus.


Jasmine Ramos, Psychology: 

People are definitely using the café since the reopening. Not even just as a social place, but people are 100% eating too. I think the café is great just because I was always hungry when it was shut down, but now that the café is reopened, I can just go and grab fries or a bagel!

Allie Bozuhoski, General Studies:

I have seen a good handful of repeat customers, but outside of repeats, I do not think I have seen many new customers. The food selections are slim, and only half of the items on the menu are not actually available since they are not “in stock” and the other half that is available are pretty hit or miss on if they are actually good. Comparing the Eastern Campus’s café to Ammerman’s selection of foods is quite frankly insulting. I understand that Ammerman is a bigger campus, but it is still sad and offensive that we don’t even have half of the selections that Ammerman has. The lack of an Apple Pay option is also something I see as an issue.

Liam Doyle, General Studies:

The café has been getting occasional use and on a regular basis, you can see a decent number of repeat customers. I would say it’s just ok, a 5/10 at most. It has its purpose, and it fulfills it, but it could be a lot better.

Houston Vysniauskas, Political Science:

It’s good to see the café back, but I would say the prices are a little ridiculous. When you compare the prices now to when the café was open during Covid they are not even CLOSE to as high as it is now, and I feel like that makes it so there are fewer repeat customers. As an employee, it feels easier and cheaper to get a full meal from Burger King or Mcdonalds’. As a Jewish man, it is hard and limited to find food that will allow me to eat in accordance with my religion, especially on holidays.

Jenn Quantano, Environmental Science:

People are definitely using the café, and it is something I’ve used personally. I think it’s pretty good for a get-in and get-out situation. Overall I have no problems with it, and the drink selection is great.

Chris Odwyer, Art/Animation:

The café has been pretty consistently good, and I’ve seen quite a few people get food and drinks. It’s nice to have, especially for when the vending machines aren’t working and you want a drink, and seeing that that happens constantly, it’s great to have a place that is consistent when the machines aren’t.

Sara Ciesla, Health Sciences:

I think there has been a slight increase in customers since the café has been reopened, but I don’t think the school has really been advertising the café as much as they should. It’s hard to find hours, and the hours that they do have are in the grand scheme of things short, making it hard for students who are here late to get food without having to either go off campus or order something from a delivery app. The Café not being open on Friday is also an issue for plenty of students who’d otherwise be customers, since there is a good amount of students who do show up for Friday classes. I haven’t personally used the café yet since the hours don’t really fit into my schedule, but from a personal observation, I’d say that there needs to be some improvement. 

Kevin Smiech, Digital Illustration:

It is hard to say If people are really USING the café since it’s reopening. It feels like it’s split between the people who use it only for a social spot and the people who use it to actually eat. It’s hard trying to buy food since the prices are expensive. That’s something I really think is holding back people from wanting to buy. The events for the café are also not advertised enough in a way that makes it obvious to people that there is something happening.

Serenity Lopez, English:

I see a lot of people using the café since it’s reopening! It’s pretty lively overall! I think it’s great that they have new options every once in a while, but I wish that they had longer hours since a lot of people have back-to-back classes during the hours that they are open.

Jose Castro Torres, Criminal Justice:

The café is not what it should be at all! They need to do a whole lot more to make it better and keep it open for a lot longer.