Carpe Diem

Mary Reese, Ed.D, Eastern Campus Executive Dean

Dear Students,

As we begin closing the academic year in a flurry of finals, year-end celebrations, commencement, and Allied Health pinning, I realize you may be experiencing a number of varied responses to the end of term.

Whenever something ends, whether it be something we loved or hated, endings bring emotion.  There might be feelings of relief and accomplishment, regret and disappointment, tiredness or exuberance.  I hope some will feel reflective — both of what went well and what has been learned.  Whatever your reaction to the closing of term — a season, or time spent with us at the College — your reflection will encourage you to continue becoming who you will be.

I was reminded recently of a movie from the 1980s called Dead Poets Society.  It starred Robin Williams and received great acclaim winning the BAFTA Award, the Cesar Award, Academy Award nominations for best picture, best director, and best actor, and won the award for best original screenplay.

A quick summary of this beautiful, and tragic story: a group of Vermont boarding school students are encouraged by their English teacher to make their lives extraordinary.   He challenges them with the phrase “Carpe Diem,” or “seize the day.”  He has great influence on their thinking as he challenges them to do just that…think!  Think openly, think differently, think deeply, and think broadly about art, history, relationships, and ultimately, the desires they hold for their own lives. The movie is filled with warm feelings of comradery, self-knowledge, growth, and humor.  But it also shows that change can be difficult and upsetting and can be met with conflict, heartbreak, and sometimes great loss.

As you consider your life and what growth you experienced this academic year, can you think of how you lived with a “Carpe Diem” spirit?  How do you believe you will make your lives extraordinary?  I hope, in some small way, your experience at Suffolk has provided you with opportunities to demonstrate courage, reflection, and comradery, and given you a greater opportunity to lead an extraordinary life.

Congratulations on all the accomplishments of your academic year.  We celebrate you and your response to the end of term.  And I wish you every opportunity to “seize the day,” everyday…. Carpe Diem, my friends.

– Eastern Campus Executive Dean Mary Reese